Lowongan kerja Batavia Air

Batavia Air has been operating its business in Indonesia for more than 20 years. Departing from a travel bureau, it increasingly improved its business to provide an air charter flight service. Batavia Air founded in 2001. In 2002, Batavia Air earned an Air Operating Certificate (AOC) and officially deserved for operating its fleet in Indonesia.

With experiences in a travel bureau and airline industry, backed up by accommodated fleet and qualified human resources, they make us to be the first choice and trusted carrier to fly. After all we believe that we can survive and continuously grow to take part in the rapid airlines competition.

Trust Us To Fly
Our tag line Trust Us to Fly has inspired all of our staffs to devote their sincere efforts in giving their best performance for the long lasting of company operation in order to strive for excellence to our customers. Having a high commitment and integrity, we are sure that they make us a trusted carrier and our customers will trust us to fly.

Vision & Mision
Becoming a national airline company striving for safety, economical and enjoyable flight as well as keeping commitment of customer satisfaction in order to be the first choice of air transportation user.

1. Assistant Manager Logistic (AML)
2. Kepala Gudang Logistik (KGL)
3. Supervisor Componen Control (SCC)
4. Marketing B2C / Retail (MKT)
5. Desain Grafis (DG)
6. Manajemen Training (MT)
7. Exim (E)
8. Supervisor Call Center Office (SCCO)
9. Administrasi (ADM)
10. Security (SCR)
11. FOO


* Male (1-8, 10-11); female (4,6,9)
* Maximum age 25 years (1), a maximum of 27 years (9), a maximum of 30 years (2,5-8,10-11), a maximum of 35 years (3-4)
* S1 Industrial Engineering (1), S1 leading universities (2,3,6-8), S1/S2 Management (4), S1 Graphic Design (5), D3 (9), at least high school (10-11)
* Fresh Graduate / at least 1 year (1), minimum 3 years experience as Chief of Warehousing (2), minimum 2 years experience as a component in the field of Airline Logistics Control (3), minimum 3 years experience as Marketing (4), minimum 1 year working experience in print or magazine (5), minimum 1 year experience in the field of Airline (6), at least 1 year experience (7,9,10), 3 years experience as a call center (8)
* More emphasis is to understand about retail, especially in the field of Airline Marketing (4)
* Mastering Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design, Corel Draw and Freehand and Technical photography (5)
* Mastering the process of the Export-Import (7)
* Know and understand the flight computer system (3)
* Honest, responsible, dedicated, have a leadership attitude, ready to work under pressure (1-3,6,8)
* Communicative, creative, innovative, responsibility, orientation on the target, ready to work under pressure, can work in teams, high loyalty (4.5)
* Making the work of the tourism magazine cover and magazine layouts 4 p. (5)
* Creating a narrative with a theme of "Why You Want to Work Being a Designer in Batavia Air Inflight Magazine: (5)
* Security training certificate (10)
* Having a license FOO (11)
* Willing to be placed in Cengkareng (1-3,7,10)
* Ready to be placed in the Office of the Regional Representative Batavia Air (6.11)

Send application, CV and recent photograph (write the code / application subject at the top left envelope) to:

Jl. H. Juanda No.15
Jakarta Pusat
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