Are you, or maybe you know this person who are:

1. Male/Female not more than 30 yo (preferable not married, yet)
2. At least 2 (two) years experience in similar position within a Below The Line Agency or Event Organizer environment or from Media or any communication company.
3. Happy throwing ideas when doing a brainstorming session, smart in developing a concept and have a good presentation skill.
4. Reluctant against pressure, and cheering working overtime
5. Good stamina, charming self nature, team worker, great personality, Ready for challenges, self motivated, organized and confident.
6. Proficient in English (speaking and writing) and computer literate (MS Office is a must!)
7. Have a bit knowledge in production

Dont you dare applying if you dont have these criteria above

then maybe you or he or she will be a potential candidate for “Below The Line” ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE in our company.

Your role as an Account Executive would be primarily responsible for Client interface, developing strategy with team or individually, internal work flow management and to support team in the management and execution of experiential marketing projects that best suit the client’s needs.

Send the Resume + CV and recent photograph to (all not more than 2.5 mb) :
Stated the position at the email subject.


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