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Billing & Collection Manager


1. Ensure targets are met in terms of assignment of accurate credit limit to postpaid customers based on risk profiles and turnaround times for service activation. Targets will include Service levels for postpaid line activations (via credit limit) along with % of bad debt for accounts based on limits assigned.
2. Ensure a yearly review of credit limits occurs whereby necessary upgrade and downgrades of customer’s limits are managed to reflect the actual credit risk of the customer
3. Manage temporary/permanent request for increase in limits along with the required policies to mitigate risks (i.e credit card deposit, etc). The performance of the portfolio will be measure against the performance of accounts for such requests.
4. Approve requests for high risk services such as Roaming & IDD. The necessary checks will need to take place prior to granting approval for such services.
5. Manage a team of collectors to achieve targets in delinquency, SOP and flow rates/ recoveries for the unit.
6. Strategize & plan pro-actively on the monthly collection strategies and able to track and monitor performance and provide key performance indicators of team members on periodical basis and also able to retrain, counsel and guide collectors when performance are below expectations. Establish team spirit amongst collectors, consistently build confidence & motivate collectors to strive towards achieving target.
7. Perform calls/dunning action on Non Performing Accounts.
8. Monitor the promises to pay to maximise recovery of debts to meet the Axis’s target.
9. Pick hardcore cases for field visits to increase collection and restructuring.
10. Review cases for further legal action i.e. to LOD, Summon & execution on hardcore cases.
11. Perform other collection efforts through telegram, field visits, check with other issuers for additional information and request files for review.
12. Attend to walk-in enquiries, hold discussions and acceptance of debtor’s proposal.
13. Ensure all overdue accounts are treated as per the Collection Treatment process and sufficient and effective follow-up actions are taken on all overdue accounts especially high balances accounts.
14. Monitor individual and team performance closely to ensure company given targets are met.
15. Manage and ensure the given targets for Service Level and Call Quality are met.


1.At least a bachelor’s degree or professional qualification in Business / Economics / Finance / Accountancy
2.Preferably with 5 to 6 years working experience in credit control, collections, or credit administration in a retail financing environment (Telco and Banking preferred) with hands on supervisory responsibility
3.Possess good interpersonal, communication and leadership skills along with understanding of delinquency flow rates and legal proceedings for non payment (LOD, WOS, etc)
4.Independent and self-motivated team player with good analytical and problem solving skills
5.Proficiency written and spoken in Bahasa Indonesia and English is a must

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