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INA - Indonesian Netherlands Association, an Indonesian Benelux Chamber of Commerce is looking for an Indonesian qualified candidate of Resources and Information Management Facilitator for its Horti Chain Center.

In January 2009 INA launched the development of Horti Chain Centre (HCC), a Horticultural Supply Chain Development Centre, that is supported by the Indonesia Facility of EVD (International Business and Cooperation) the Netherlands.

The objective of this centre is to create local capacity building to help small scale horticulture growers (and their organizations) to connect with modern market segments inside and outside Indonesia. For this the HCC will develop business development services through trained supply chains facilitators and by providing knowledge and information about markets and supply chain partners, opportunities and commercial financial facilities.

The main objective of this service is to strengthen the position of the parties involved in HCC and to boost the growth of investment and trade activities in the sector.

Information (Management) is a competitive factor within horticultural supply chains. Stakeholders within supply chains require these data in order to develop robust marketing strategies and take optimal tactical and operational decisions. Examples of the type of data are: market information (prices, quantities produced, quantities traded), performance information (profitability of products and farms), product information, fertilizer data, pesticide information etc.

The HCC will establish and support a Resources and Information Centre (database). Local information will be gathered and stored about the problems that Supply Chain partners encounter. Local but also national and international information on partners and solutions to alleviate these bottlenecks is collected and stored.
The HCC facilitates Information Management by itself, exchanges its knowledge and experience on Information Management with the stakeholders, and also facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience about Information Management between the stakeholders mutually.

Resources and Information Management Facilitator
(Jakarta Raya)


* Tasks
- Collect and store information, including information about knowledge and experience, in the horticulture domain.
- Bring information on problems and solutions together.
- Transfer and translate information to specific needs and requests of clients.
- Facilitate and improve exchange of information, knowledge and experience.
- Notice relevant issues in the market.

* Deliverables
- Regular progress reports and result in soft copy format:
+ Summary of information, including information about knowledge and experience, in the horticulture domain
+ Number of successful partnerships served according to the needs of clients
+ Strategy in information management development

o For the HCC Resources and Information Centre, we are looking for an enthusiastic colleague who wants to strengthen our team. The expertise we are looking for should have professional background as follows:
+ Degree in industrial engineering, management or business administration, with emphasis on MIS, communication and/or business development strategies.
+ At least 3 years of practical experience in management and information system positions.
+ Preferably with knowledge and experience about the fresh and processed agro-food sector, and the horticulture sector.
o Other skills:
+ Knowledge of and experience in information handling / information management.
o Reporting skills.
+ Communication skills.
+ Good communication in English (both in spoken and written)
+ Good computer skills (word, excel, internet).
+ Dealing with stakeholders from a broad range of backgrounds
+ Capability to transfer knowledge and experience (“teaching” skills)

The facilitator will start in August 2009. The assignment will be completed by December 2010 with a possibility for extension in case the services of HCC have been developed in a successful way. The facilitator will be based in Jakarta. Extensive travel within Indonesia may be necessary.

Interested candidates should submit their application letter, CV and expected salary as well as a list of references to the INA-HCC Program at

with email subject: HCC-RIM.

The closing date for applications is on 21 June 2009 - 5pm.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.


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