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GIS Specialist

Summary of Job
GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) SPECIALISTS work with related software (ArcView, AutoCAD, GIS, GPS relational databases) to create and maintain geological coal structure data and/or maps and combine this with geographically referenced data.

GIS software has the capacity to relate different types of data such as socioeconomic, demographic, administrative or political boundaries, land use, land cover, environmental, infrastructure, and transportation networks.

Primary Responsibilities
1.Create maps and graphs, using GIS software and related equipment.
2.Meet with users to define data needs, project requirements, required outputs, or to develop applications.
3.Conduct Research to locate and obtain existing databases.
4.Gather, analyze, and integrate spatial data from staff and determine how best the information can be displayed using GIS.
5.Develops, maintains and updates GIS databases; receives and reviews maps, land parcel records and engineering documents; identifies pertinent GIS information; converts data into proper GIS formats; digitizes data; ensues accuracy and completeness; enters data into databases; and updates essential GIS layers and databases.
6.Compile geographic data from a variety of sources including censuses, field observation, satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and existing maps.
7.Analyze spatial data for geographic statistics to incorporate into documents and reports.
8.Design and update database, applying additional knowledge of spatial feature representations.
9.Enter new map data through use of a digitizer or by direct input of coordinate information using the principles of cartography including coordinate systems, longitude, latitude, elevation, topography, and map scales.
10.Analyze geographic relationships among varying types of data.
11.Prepare metadata and other documentation.
12.Operate and maintain GIS system hardware, software, plotter, digitizer, color printer, and video camera.
13.Move, copy, delete, and add files, drawings, and maps to output reports in hard copy or electronic transfer.
14.Present information to users and answer questions.
15.Retrieve stored maps.

Required Skills
1.Thorough knowledge of coordinate geometry, geography terms, vector maps and the utilization and capabilities of Geographical Information and Global Positioning Systems.
2.Skills in research, data entry, photo and/or document scanning, and data layer construction.
3.Skills in operating office equipment, relational databases, personal computers and related software.
4.Ability to install software drivers, and other computer equipment, as well as to resolve computer problems.

Education and Experience
Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in geography, surveying, computer science, urban planning or related field.

Candidate should have experience with ArcView, ArcINFO, AutoCAD, GIS, GPS relational databases and ESRI products. Understanding of Minescape and Surpac software is a PLUS.

One or more years working with a Geographic Information System or in a related field, with increasing responsibilities.

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