Lowongan Garuda Indonesia 2009

We are glad to inform you that Garuda Indonesia Flight Attendants Recruitment is being extended until the positions are fully filled. Applicants who have previously applied need not to re-apply but are welcome to submit additional data to support previously submitted application.

For more info please contact Garuda Indonesia Branch Office:

Surabaya (SUB) : 031-5468501 - Mr. Ihwan

Padang (PDG): 0751-30737, 30172 - Mrs. Yurni

Solo (SOC): 0271-7650475 - Mr. Alfari/Agung

Semarang (SRG): 024-8454737 - Mr. Gatot/Parlan

Jogyakarta (JOG): 0274-558470 - Mr. Pratitis

Bandung (BDO): 022-4209468 - Mr. Yusuf

Banda Aceh (BTJ): 0651-33666 - Mr. Faisal

Jakarta (JKT): 021-55915654 - Mrs. Magiring

Medan (MES): 061-4556777 Ext.5126 - Mr. Agus Salim

Balikpapan (BPN): 0542-422300 - Mr. Sumedi

Banjarmasin (BDJ): 0511-3366787 - Mr.Warih

Palembang (PLM): 0711-315333 - Mr. Farial/Suparjo

Manado (MDC): 0431-877707 - Mr. Jefri

Makassar (UPG): 0411-320312 - Mr. Rudi/Dian

Denpasar (DPS) : 0361-233711 - Mr. Ngakan

Refer to Garuda Indonesia Recruitment

Application can also be sent to recruitment@garuda-indonesia.com or for each Branch Office (BO) can be sent to recruitment.XXX@garuda-indonesia.com
(XXX is 3 letter code for each BO eq. for BO Medan (MES), recruitment.mes@garuda-indonesia.com)

Recruitment Team


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